H.O.C by Himspire

I present to you a brand I love : H.O.C

I present to you a brand I love : H.O.C

You know I love art and design, through all the exhibitions I cover and the stores I discover.

Well, I’m introducing you to a top brand HOC by Himspire, a French brand developed by Laurent, an inspired and inspiring Belgian.

He proposes trendy boxes to compose yourself, with a unique jacket and accessories to finalize your piece at your convenience. He also proposes iconic pieces illustrated with artists! All in all, I love the concept.
In addition, he will soon release boxes for children!

Himspire Original Custom

Customize the way you art
🔸Quality Denim Experience 
🔸Create Your Own Box
🔸Masterpiece Denim Jackets
To discover in the concept store Flagshipstore @theofilparis : The first retail fashion incubator! Since 1983, fashion designer and luxury famous brands. Theofil is located at
250 Rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris.


Tick tock, tick tock … Himspire is getting a makeover but the site will be available soon : https://www.himspire.com

See Instagram photos and videos from Himspire Original Custom (@hoc.denim)

Selection by Victoria Ginsburg📍Paris

▪️Ex @worldfashionchannel@nextmodels
▪️Designer #vikaginsburgjewelry
▪️Founder @buro_no_5
▪️Wholesale fashion expert

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